Windows of the World | ART

The Portuguese photographer André Vincente Gonçalves has captured the unique architecture of European cities through the beautiful details of its windows. It beautifully shows the different personalities of the cities in a way you may not have noticed before: the very eyes of each town. From elegant Bucharest to vibrant colored Burano, Venice. Which window is … Continue reading Windows of the World | ART


New favorite: The Sailor Cap

This hat is definitely a new favorite accessory that I will wear a lot this spring. What's the official name though? Skipper's hat, sailor cap? I love that it can give a completely different look to an outfit. To be honest though, hats and caps are an accessory that I still need to get used to. They … Continue reading New favorite: The Sailor Cap

Caramel & pecan carrot cupcakes | Food

There is nothing more fun (and delicious) then baking cupcakes with a friend or in this case my sister. Looking for the perfect combination of sweetness and fall appropriate cupcakes, I stumbled upon different recipes with caramel and pecan carrot cupcakes. Having had the perfect carrot cake with pecan and walnuts a few weeks before, … Continue reading Caramel & pecan carrot cupcakes | Food