Nineties layering

DSC_8607 (2)
Since summer in Holland isn’t always rays of sunshine, layering isn’t just for fall or winter. I’ve been loving all the 90’s trends that have come back lately. Bandana’s, chokers, slip dresses, layering tops over other tops, you name it! I was just in Zara yesterday and couldn’t ignore (and love!) the 90’s vibe that was going on in their new collection! I’ve resisted to buy the several sheer and velvet tops there, but wow did I love them! Layering tops is definitely a trend that can be so pretty when done right. I will definitely be continuing this through fall and winter. But let’s not talk about that yet..Let’s enjoy our summer first!
DSC_8849 (3).jpgDSC_8608 (2)DSC_8643 (2)DSC_8612 (3)DSC_8778 (2)_1DSC_8762 (3).jpgDSC_8799 (3).jpgDSC_8759 (3).jpgDSC_8706 (2)DSC_8760 (3)DSC_8708 (3).jpg
Have a lovely Sunday! Hugs!


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