Dreaming by the Carla-Bayle lake

DSC_7283 (2).jpg
The first thing I saw when looking out my bedroom window,  was this beautiful little pier by the lake. It was the place where you found even more peace in the most peaceful place and it gave the best view of the endless sunsets. This outfit was perfect for the hot days because it felt light and comfy but looked classy enough to visit the cute little towns. I bought this pretty jumpsuit in Toulouse but made it into pants for this outfit.
DSC_7236.jpgDSC_7269 (2).jpgDSC_7267 (2)DSC_7242 (2)DSC_7265 (2)DSC_7270 (2)DSC_7281 (2).jpgDSC_7253 (2)DSC_7274 (2)DSC_7268 (3).jpg
I used to dream away by this view, now I will dream of this view.
Photo’s by Denice Boerma


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