Morning Rituals

morning rituals 2.jpg

Happy Monday guys! Hope you all had a good weekend! Mine was pretty nice, we celebrated my moms birthday and had a nice relaxed Sunday. Check out some snaps of it here!

Since I’m not a morning person I try to make my mornings as comfortable as possible. If I take the time to wake, the rest of my day will be way more productive! A nice breakfast and some coffee already goes a long way with me. Something else that makes me ready for the day is reading the newsletter from the Newsette. I discovered this cute easy to read mini magazine not long ago. It’s full of tips, trends and ¬†instagram inspiration. A great and inspiring way to start the day. I’ll also sneak in some youtube time if I can.

DSC_8247 (2).jpg
DSC_8265 (2).jpgmorning rituals 3.jpg

I’m enjoying it while it lasts cause in September I will start at a new school! It’ll be a new adventure for me. But… at least I’ll have my own personal alarm with me in the train. My sister will be on the same campus and since she is a huge morning person, she will do everything in her power to wake me. (as she already does everyday) It’ll be fun though to go a new adventure with her since she’s starting a new school as well!

morning rituals 4.jpg
morning rituals.jpg

Let me know what your morning ritual is! Have a nice week peeps! Hugs.


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