Sense of Self

Naamloos-1When I started my styling education, my own sense of style was way below zero. Looking back at old pictures from a few years ago, the main question that pops up in my head is: what was I thinking?! I always wore what I wanted, didn’t look at fellow students or followed the trends, only if I wanted to. I still have that and quite frankly I’m proud of it, even though it’s not always easy in a world where everyone wants to fit in.

I remember there was a trend going round when I was 16, that I unfortunately did follow. Everyone wore these long necklaces with big colorful shiny owls on sometimes even more colorful t-shirts. I am one of them at one of my high school pictures wearing a neon pink t-shirt with a HUGE sparkly silver owl around my neck.. Again: WHAT was I thinking?! Now a few years later, I can safely say that my sense of style has improved a little. And I say a little because I have still so much to learn. That being said.. I might never fully learn.. Cause is there a perfect style?

When I started my blog, people asked me: what’s the fashion style of it? Or: how would you describe your style? I tried way too hard to find a perfect answer for that question and ended up putting my style in a box. It only just hit me a few days ago, standing in front of my mirror playing around with different items, that I still didn’t have  one particular style.  Just for a moment I slightly panicked.. who am I if I don’t even know what my style is? And then I thought, so what if I don’t? I thought about an article that I read a few years ago about the new album of Bruno Mars called Unorthodox jukebox. He confessed he had to face criticism in the past by different labels who said that his music sucked and was all over the place. He didn’t want to get boxed in one genre of music but show several styles of music. He refused to “pick a lane” for the album. Did this make him a bad artist in the end? Not at all! That’s what makes him unique.

I don’t know if I will ever stay true to only one particular style or if I will ever find my sense of style. The only thing that actually matters:

Stay true to you!


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