Shades of Fall

Raise your hands if guilty: did you change your summer stash of lipsticks to fall already? *raises hand*. Guilty! Because even though I don’t want to let summer go just yet, I have to hold back not to go all dark when it comes to my lips. And if we have to be completely honest here: yes, I look forward to leaves changing colors, scented colors and lots of blankets. (May or may not have already burned a lot of candles) I love lipsticks in fall and wear them a lot more than in summer. These are my favorite:
1. NYC 031 Gramercy Park Plum, 2. Maybelline 338 Midnight Plum, 3. Catrice 080 PassionRed, 4. Maybelline 310 Berry Much, 5. Catrice 020 All that she wants

names lips

NYC park plum is a chubby stick, and applies really soft. It’s a little hard sometimes to apply precisely because the top is round after a while. But nevertheless it leaves a great color.

Maybelline’s midnight plum is such a pretty purple color. I was a little scared to wear it at first but once you put it on it surprises you every time in the most positive way.

Catrice’s Passion Red stays on all day. No, really it does! I ate, drank and simply wore it all day and it didn’t come off. Only at the very end of the day after the third meal it faded a little. Also a really nice red with a brown undertone.

Maybelline’s Berry Much is a pencil but the softest I ever had. With most lip pencils I find that they apply hard and dry out my lips from the beginning, but this doesn’t at all.

And lastly, Catrice’s All that she wants. From the same range as Passion Red but in a brown shade with a berry undertone. From the five this is the most wearable one and stays on just as long as passion red.

What’s your all time favorite fall lipstick?


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