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real techniques
Should I, shouldn’t I? For a while now I wanted to invest in good makeup brushes but I never did. Until last week when I saw the real techniques brushes in a store in the Ardennes.
real tech 2
The Real Techniques Core Collection consists of 4 makeup brushes, a handy storage case and costs €26,50.
real tech
Buffing brush: I was most excited for this one since I heard such good things about it. It blends great and feels so soft! This one I will definitely use most!

Pointed foundation brush: I’m not quite sure yet when to use this brush. I’ve been using it for concealer under my eyes and around my nose. It’s handy because it’s small but can also feel a little harsh for under the eyes.

Contour Brush: The slightly round top makes it great for contouring and highlighter. It has the perfect size and is very precise in applying, blends bronzer very well!

Detailer brush: The package recommends to use this brush for concealer but I have actually been using it to line my eyes with eyeshadow. It’s very useful for covering small spots with concealer as well! Not to forget it also work for the lips.
The brushes are really soft but good at what their supposed to do. Easy to clean and don’t lose any hairs. I will use all of them a lot I just need to figure out what’s the best way for the foundation brush.

Brushes are expensive and since I don’t have a lot of budget this was a more expensive purchase for me. When I think about it, buying individual brushes is probably more expensive than this package. The quality is really good though and I am so happy I invested in them. They made putting on my makeup even more fun! I can really recommend them if you want to invest in better brushes for the first time.

If you have this collection, what do you use the foundation brush for?

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2 thoughts on “The Core Collection | Real Techniques

  1. I love the buffing brush, I used to use it for my foundation! I use the foundation brush to pat concealer on to spots if I have a night out and want really high coverage – but it is probably the brush I use the least too.

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