My hair routine | Soft Curls

soft curls
Since I cut my hair, my way of styling changed as well. The way I used to curl my hair before, didn’t work on this lenght hair and turned out very different as well. After playing around with different products and ways I found the way that works best.
soft curls 1 & 2
Step 1 & 2.  After washing my hair, I wrap my hair in a towel whilst I get dressed and do my makeup, so that it stays wet. Then I unwrap my hair and go through my hair with the towel one more time to get the most moisture out of it.
Soft curls 3 & 4
Step 3 & 4: I brush my hair to get it smooth and get out all the tangles. The Andrelon heat protecting spray works great for me because it not only protects my hair but also makes it smooth and soft.
soft curls 5 & 6
Step 5 & 6: I scrunch my hair softly so that product is equally divided around my hair. Then I blow dry my hair, making sure I blow in the opposite direction to give my hair more volume at the roots. I don’t blow dry my hair all the way but leave my hair to air dry.
soft curls 7 & 8
Step 7 & 8: Once my hair is dry, I take random sections of hair and twist them around my curling iron away from my face. I use Andrélon Care & repair to reduce the frizz.
soft curls result
And this is the result! I hope you got some inspiration and I would love to know what your current hair routine is! What products do you use?

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